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Our experience and knowledge of the Solomon Islands has been developed over 25 years and we are committed to offering a safe and reliable service.

Our vessels, the Sun Xpress and the Cobra, are in full marine survey and carry a full compliment of safety and navigational equipment.

Where are the Solomon Islands?


The Solomon Islands is the South Pacific’s third largest archipelago scattered over an area of 28,400 square kilometres, located North East of Australia.

Comprising over 900 islands, of which a third are uninhabited, the Solomon Islands remain an undiscovered adventure paradise filled with opportunities for soft adventure, scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, surfing, fishing and snorkelling.

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Welcome to Extreme Adventures

For fun things to do in the Solomon Islands, including game fishing, boat charters, scuba diving, snorkelling and island seafaris see Extreme Adventures. 

Embark on a journey to islands lost in time and discover a melting pot of vibrant Melanesian culture, untouched natural beauty, rich WWII history and world renowned scuba diving. 

Extreme Adventures is proud to be a member of the PADI International Resort Association.

Solomon Islands